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Thanks to the Cherokee Tribune for giving a shout out to Sum-Bo-Shine!


Cherokee Tribune, Canton GA

Local business honored for its organic catalog

From staff reports


Sum-Bo-Shine, a Woodstock- based line of organic baby and beauty products, has earned a Beauty With a Conscience award from Natural Solutions Magazine.

Sum-Bo-Shine owner Carolyn Deal started the line of organic, plantbased products in 2007. The lotions, shampoos and other baby-care items are also fragrance free.

“When you add a fragrance to a product, there can be up to 250 chemicals used to create that fragrance,” she said. Sum-Bo-Shine’s shampoo, body wash and lotion were chosen for the Natural Solutions award for their quality and use of pure natural ingredients. Deal said Sum-Bo-Shine should receive organic certification from the United States Department of Agriculture this spring.

Sum-Bo-Shine is a family business and is named after Deal’s children: Summer, Rainbow and Sunshine. Products include baby care, adult skin care, and organic paints, chalk and crayons.


Sum-Bo-Shine featured in June issue OK! Magazine
Press Release
I'm HAPPY Here® Recycled, Reusable Bags
Press Release
Carolyn Deal
Sum-Bo-Shine, Inc.

Atlanta, May 2010 - Sum-Bo-Shine ( will introduce their line of "I'm Happy Here"® reusable bags. I'm Happy Here ® Bags are made of 100% recycled material, 80% recycled cotton (pre-consumer) and 20% recycled soda pop bottles (post-consumer) and proudly carry the Made in USA label. Our reusable bags are eco friendly and come in a variety of sizes: Yoga Bag, Fashion Shopping Tote, Grocery Bag, Small Carry All Bag, and Boat Bag.
"We, at Sum-Bo-Shine are "happy”:to introduce our line of recycled, reusable bags as we continue our efforts to to recycle, reuse and save the planet for our children.

Our tag line, "I'm HAPPY here!" was spoken by my grandson at the tender age of two. While playing quietly by himself, he looked up and simply said, "I'm happy here!" And we hope you are happy here too!

For more information on Sum-Bo-Shine and its line of recycled, reusable bags, visit or call 678-213-1487.
Sum-Bo-Shine featured in "Start Your Own Green Business" Book

Once again, we are honored to be featured in print.  "Start Your Own Green Business," published by Entrepreneur Press and  written by Rich Mintzer, 2009.  Mr. Mintzer interviewed 22 "green" entrepreneurs for his latest book.  Sum-Bo-Shine made the cut along with some pretty big hitters, Newman's Own Organics, Seventh Generation, Pangea Organics and Patagonia just to name a few.

Sum-Bo-Shine is honored to be featured in these great magazines!






Featured in Rutherford Family Magazine November 2008
Featured in Williamson Family Magazine November 2008
Sum-Bo-Shine Reviews  
Thanks to all the great reviews!
The more I move into a natural way of life, the more I am seeking out companies that make naturally based skin care products for both adults and babies. I found one such company in Sum-Bo-Shine Naturals and Organics.

As stated on their pamphlet I got with my sample this past week, Sum-Bo-Shine products are free of artificial fragrances and do not contain parabens, sodium laurel sulfates, mineral oil, or any harmful ingredients while using the least environmentally harmful preservative available on the market today.

I received three samples and am completely sold on them!: Baby Shampoo and Body Wash, Baby Lotion, and for me, organic Honey Body Lotion.

The Baby Shampoo and Baby Wash contains essential oil of aloe juice, organic lavender, and roman chamomile. To make the mixture even smoother, glycerin, vitamin B and E, oat extract, wheat protein, jojoba oil, and rosehip oil has been added. It is also a certified vegan product.

Although it is not a "no tear" formula, my baby did not seem to have any problems when I rinsed her hair out. Of course I made sure I cupped my hands over her eyes, but even the run-away water that got on her face didn't cause any complaints.

It is a very light baby shampoo that leaves absolutely no residue on her skin. The fragrance is very light and has the faintest scent of lavender.

The Baby lotion also contains organic aloe and lavender and is fragrance free. I found it exceptionally soft and "creamy." It is not at all greasy, absorbs quickly, and made my baby's skin feel very soft and smooth afterward.

As far as the milk and honey lotion that I received, I feel like I'm pampering myself when I put it on! Ordinarily I enjoy a lotion with a fragrance that lingers, but this lotion is fragrance free. In light of its soft silkiness, I didn't mind this fact, however. I just enjoyed how soft my skin felt, even my horribly chapped hands. The next morning, they were almost as soft as my daughter's baby skin. That's a pretty big deal!

The samples I received are not the limit to what Sum-Bo-Shine offers on their website. You can also find Baby Oil, Diaper Cream, and Baby Powder, not to mention some lovely products and beautiful gift baskets for mom (I'm thinking future shower gifts!). The prices are more than what you would pay for the same type of item in the store, but when you think of the quality product you are getting, it's worth it.

Sum-Bo-Shine is offering a giveaway to our readers! Leave a comment and a reader will be selected at random on December 3. The giveaway will be the Baby Shampoo and Body Wash and the Aloe and Lavender Baby Lotion. Just leave a comment and you'll be entered into the contest!
Take care of your baby's sensitive skin with all-natural products from Sum-Bo-Shine. Baby care products from Sum-Bo-Shine feature only all-natural ingredients dermatologically tested to care for your infant's super-sensitive skin.

Sum-Bo-Shine's products are naturally pure, certified vegan, cruelty free and truth in labelling. They contain absolutely no artificial fragrances or dyes, parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate, mineral oil, phthalates or any harmful ingredients.

Sum-Bo-Shine products include Naturally Pure Diaper Ointment made with Vitamin E and lavender; Naturally Pure Baby Oil made from organic chamomile, comfry and rosemary; Aloe and Lavender Therapeutic Bath Powder; Aloe and Lavender Baby Lotion; and Aloe and Lavender Shampoo and Body Wash. And just for moms, Sum-Bo-Shine offers Natural Himalayan Bath Salts for a truly relaxing moment in the tub. 

Imagine nature and goodness bottled up with a touch of TLC. Products meant to bring soothing comfort to normal delicate skin, and also relieving everything from itchy, dry skin to eczema discomfort. These products will bring happiness and joy to your little ones! Sum-Bo-Shine products have it all. Their products nurture skin and leave a light, refreshing organic scent behind. Very mild and never greasy, we tested the Aloe & Lavender Organic Lotion. It was quickly absorbed, and skin was left hydrated and soft. We also tested Sum-Bo-Shine Naturally Pure Diaper Ointment. No thick white paste here. This ointment goes on smoothly and doesn't leave a sticky mess. Visit their site, , and browse their selections. Naturally Pure, certified vegan, and cruelty free, you won't find any nasty chemicals here!
Busy day? If you spent it conquering the mountain of laundry, cooking, cleaning, paying bills, answering the phone...and door, and taking care of the kids, well it's time to soothe your spirit and unwind. Sumboshine can't make all the bad things go away, but they will make you forget. At least for a little while. Relaxing in a tub of bath salts from the Himalayas combined with soothing Aloe Vera Powder and essential oils of Lavender and Chamomile create the most well deserved break from it all. There may not be time in our day to relax at the spa, but you can pamper your body and mend your soul after the kids are asleep. Perfect for skin nourishment, detoxification, muscle therapy and relaxation. Pink Himalayan Salt, mined from ancient sea beds inside the Himalayan Mountains is completely unrefined and comes in its raw and natural form, pure and free of contaminants or pollutants. The pink color is from the high content of Iron, and it contains trace amounts of 84 minerals and elements including Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Iodine, Zinc and Sodium. Aloe Vera Powder is known for soothing, and Lavender and Chamomile are known for calming. So add a handful or two to a nice warm bath. Light a few candles and play soft music. Breathe deeply and let go. Visit my friends at and check out all of their products. They have products for moms and children. I have reviewed their baby lotion and diaper creme in the past. I must say that their products stand out from the rest.
Seven Dogs and A Baby Review
If your anything like me you are always worried about the chemicals going into your child's body and finding new organic products to make your life a little more chemical free is always fun.

I'm in love with lavender bath products for Connor and myself. I've used lavender products so often with him that when he is having a super cranky night all I have to do is spray some lavender room spray in his room and it usually settles him down. I've even reverted to wearing a lavender based perfume as I know it calms my own nerves as well and with my current schedule at school I'm always keyed up. I honestly think I get as much pleasure giving him a bath in lavender baby wash as he does as its just sort of become our routine.

With that said its just sometimes hard to find a good organic lavender body wash that's great smelling and affordable for everyday use. Sum-bo-shine offers a lavender and aloe baby wash and lotion that smells amazing, is great on Connor's eczema and at about $11-12 a bottle its very affordable in the organic market. All of Sum-Bo-Shine's products are 100% organic, natural, nothing artificial, and completely vegan other than the diaper rash cream which has beeswax.

Speaking of the Diaper Rash Cream I'm in love with that cream for daily use. Connor is a rash magnet and I put cream on him regardless of if he has a rash or not as the moment I let it go he ends up with a horrible rash. The Sum-bo-shine Diaper Rash cream is unlike any other cream we have used, its actually very thin and not pasty at all, and it has just a tiny bit of tea tree oil which gives it a great almost cooling affect (not to mention that tea tree oil is fabulous for dealing with itchy skin). Though Its a bit too runny for me to consider it a great overnight cream its wonderful as a preventative cream and works great as a daily cream. It does not include any zinc oxide which I love in a daily cream but I'd be the first to admit we still use a zinc oxide cream when Connor's rashes get bad enough, as much as I'd love to avoid doing so its a fact of life for us.

If your a a baby oil fan, you will loveSum-bo-shine's baby oil. Mixed with a bit of chamomile and rosemary it smells amazing. I was half tempted to rub it all over my own body! heh. Baby oil is a great moisturizer and we used alot of it when Connor was younger as a cradle cap preventive. I can happily say we made it totally through the infant stage with no cradle cap thanks to just a little bit of baby oil every day.

's products are available directly from their website. I highly recommend the baby wash and diaper rash cream but all of them are equally awesome!
Kids Today Review

Sum-Bo-Shine Naturals and Organics will debut its line of personal care products for babies in the temporaries at the Atlanta International Gift & Home Market on January 11-15, 2008.

The line includes shampoo, body wash, lotion, bath powder, diaper ointment and baby oil made with natural and organic properties such as aloe, lavender, chamomile and essential oils. They also are certified vegan and cruelty-free.
"Babies come from the womb totally pure and natural. Sum-Bo-Shine's goal is to keep them chemical-free without coating their bodies with harmful synthetics that are found in many popular baby brands," said Sum-Bo-Shine founder and president Carolyn Deal, a recent Going Green Champion honored by WSB-TV in Atlanta.  "We are just as happy about what goes into our products as we are of what does not go into them." 
Family Corner Review
Sum-Bo-Shine Products are naturally pure products specifically created for nature’s most wonderful creation – your baby! This line of gentle and soothing products include shampoo and body wash, lotion, bath powder, diaper ointment, and baby oil. Babies have their own sweet smell, so Sum-Bo-Shine products are free of artificial fragrances, and do not contain parabens, sodium laurel sulfates, mineral oil or any harmful ingredients.

Sum-Bo-Shine didn’t forget about mom! Their line just for moms includes Milk and Honey Body Lotion, Naturally Pure Coco-Shea Belly Butter and Not Your Ordinary Bath Salts. Sum-Bo-Shine uses the least environmentally harmful preservative available on the market today.
Sum-Bo-Shine Naturals and Organics honored as the Going Green Champion by ABC News Atlanta.

Awarded Best Organic and Eco-Friendly Products 2008 by Orca Communications Unlimited, LLC.
Rich Mintzer (Author & Journalist) interviewied Carolyn Deal of  Sum-Bo-Shine  for inclusion in his book on "Green Entrepreneurs."
NJ Family  Featured Sum-Bo-Shine in "Raising a Green Baby"  feature. 
Baby Shop Magazine

Press Release

Sum-Bo-Shine Naturals & Organics



 Atlanta, August 2008 - Sum-Bo-Shine will introduce its newest addition of personal care products for babies and now MOM!  Sum-Bo-Shine Aloe & Lavender and Naturally Pure Baby Products are specifically created for nature's most wonderful creation - babies.  The new line of gentle and soothing products includes Naturally Pure Baby Body Crème and now just for Mom we have developed Coco-Shea Belly and Body Butter and Naturally Pure Milk and Honey Body Lotion.

Sum-Bo-Shine Naturally Pure products are soothing, moisturizing and calming and are made with natural and organic properties   such as aloe, lavender, chamomile and essential oils, just to name a few.
 "We, at Sum-Bo-Shine are just as happy about what goes into to our products as we are of what does not go into our products," says Carolyn Deal, founder and president of Sum-Bo-Shine. "Our products are produced using the least amount of preservatives on the market today."
Babies have their own sweet smell so Sum-Bo-Shine products are free of artificial fragrances and do not contain parabens, sodium laurel sulfates, mineral oil or any harmful ingredients.  Additionally, the products are certified vegan and are cruelty free.
For more information on Sum-Bo-Shine and its naturally pure products, visit or call 800-963-3730.

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